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 Just get a gift--Zebra mask

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Just get a gift--Zebra mask  Empty
PostSubject: Just get a gift--Zebra mask    Just get a gift--Zebra mask  Icon_minitimeThu Feb 28, 2013 11:48 am

Deluxe Zebra Mask Halloween Holiday Costume
Just get a gift--Zebra mask  Zebra-mask

Product advantages

Fit for all adults and kids

Beautiful lines (made by hand)

High quality latex material(no little smell)

Good to breath (big nose holes)

Do not harm to your health (Natural environmental protection emulsion)

1: The Zebra Mask overall big enough, very easy to wear, size larger than other sellers .

2: The back of the Zebra Mask does not require opening can easily wear into while the other sellers, must be cut in order to wear.

3: Our the Zebra Mask overall texture is very clear, a very long neck, other sellers are instead.

We've discovered yet another universal truth - a person wearing a Zebra Head Mask looks downright disturbing. But don't take our word for it, wear this latex mask with realistic fur mane to your next social function and watch as people scramble to avoid you!

Full size realistic Magical Zebra Mask! Zebra masks for kids and Adult. This mask is soft latex and not hard thin PVC. This mask has realistic faux fur eyelashes and beautiful hand painting!


Product Features:

Quality construction.

Awesome conversation piece.

Be the life of the party.

Take horsing around to a whole fun and disturbing level.


Real product photo:

Just get a gift--Zebra mask  Zebra-mask1

Ten Things to do with a zebra Head Mask

If you want a zebra mask, but you can't think of a good reason to buy one? Read below for ten reasons to buy a zebra mask today!

1. Freak out your family.

2. Disguise yourself so you can do something stupid.

3. Hide your political affiliations at rallies.

4. Halloween costume.

5. Theater or cosplay. Much cheaper than a real horse.

6. Masquerade.

7. Put in someone's bed. Thank you, Godfather.

8. Star in your own horse head mask video on YouTube.

9. Mascot for a sports team.

10. Performance art.

Zebra Mask video :

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Just get a gift--Zebra mask
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